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Who is the “30 Years Into Six” book for?
If you or someone you know is working in any of the following capacities, then the book "30 Years into Six" will probably help you, and them, in the journey to develop new business and cultivate relationships with new & existing customers.
 Account Manager for a Small Business |  Small Business Manager |  Advertising Manager or Director  | Home-Based Business Owner |  Small Business Partner | Students & Interns | Solopreneurs | Marketing Director | Spouses of Small business owners | Marketing Manager  Small Business Startups | Sales Manager | Service-Based Business Owner | Wanna Be Startups  Small Business Owner | Wanna Be Business Owners | Sales Director

~Testimonials by People who Have Read the Book "30 Years Into Six" ... ~

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    Bob Bowen

    Non Profit Marketing Professional - Eugene, Oregon

    "This all makes so much sense, reading Dave's book will help you get on the right track for marketing your company ideas and brand. Dave's insights along with many years of hard knocks along the marketing trail have produced this manual for anyone interested in growing their business. Practical with easy to apply principles of marketing best practices is a winner."

  • Brian Southworth

    Business Intermediary, Murphy Business Brokers

    "Marketing and sales campaigns are most effective when they work in concert together like a well orchestrated piece of music.  Much of today's music combines analog and digital components to reach listeners and enhance their listening experience.  In Dave's excellent book 30 Years Into Six he talks about "Click and Mortar" and other concepts that illustrate the value of incorporating both digital (on line) and analog (face to face) tactics in your marketing and sales campaigns to reach your audience (target market) with ultimate clarity and impact."

So What is The "30 Years Into Six" Book About?

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Take A Glimpse Inside the book "30 Years Into Six"
Over 275 Pages, 61,000 words and 30 plus years of experience assembled into one book. It’s all about the successes, failures, triumphs and struggles. What not to do, and what to do. It’s about what worked and what didn’t. Thousands of hours and over 6 years were invested in writing, searching, testing, & working, while failing forward in small business.

Important Information & Tips That You’ll Learn

Advertising – Testing, Measuring & Surveying to Success (and possibly Lowering Your Budget) 
Business Development – How to keep Business coming your way by using online and traditional methods 
Combining Offline with Online Marketing – The Case for Print, Paper and a Piece of Technology that Captures Customers 
Content Creation and Marketing – The Secret Weapon to Online Success 
Customer Service & Customer Retention – Retain More Customers or Close Thy Doors
Direct Response Marketing – “Testing to Success” – The Missing Link to Developing New Business and Creating Sales 
Email Marketing – 25 Pages of Tactics and Strategies Your College Professor forgot to tell you before you graduated and started paying your tuition back over 10 years
Local Internet Marketing – Surviving the Search Engine Separation 
Marketing “General Topics” – Alternate Medicine, Sports, Branding and the Story of the Band Aid 
Mobile Web – How to Ride the Mobile Wave and Not Drown in Your own Office 
Personal Growth – If you’re not growing, you’re going backwards. The intro to OOB Thinking & more… 
Restaurant Marketing – Tips & Recipes for Sales, Marketing and Getting Your Loyal Patrons to be Your Biggest Fans  
Sales Meets Customer Service – The Marriage the Grows Business Like Plants in the Amazon Jungle 
Small Business – The Topics are Many and Stories are More
Social Media – Surviving the Madness without Losing Your Sanity 
Spiritual – Water, God Moments, and Micro Finance 
Web Marketing – The Insights and Search for Traffic and Your    Reputation  

About The Author


Dave Krygier is an author, speaker, strategist and content producer who helps small businesses and organizations to better attract, capture and connect with their target market. He has been active in business since the mid 1980's, working with retail, wholesale, service and manufacturing businesses. His first book "Secrets of The Tiny Store" was written about a family owned business that rocked the search engines for 6 years and was sold in the fall of 2001. In addition to writing and producing content, Dave also spends a lot of his time working with ministries, organizations, small business owners, managers, and executives, helping them to increase revenues.